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The ACTIA Group is a family-owned, intermediate-sized company with its head office in France. Since its creation in 1986, the Group’s family aspect has played an essential role in what ACTIA is today and in what it will become tomorrow. It guarantees the Group’s sustainability and its independence, with an entrepreneurial drive that is constantly renewed.

The ACTIA Group is listed on the NYSE Euronext Paris Compartment B. The distribution of capital ensures that the founding families Pech & Calmels have control of the Group.

Since the creation of the Group in 1986, ACTIA’s activity has been designing and manufacturing electronics for system management in the Automotive and Telecommunications fields.

ACTIA was founded in 1986 by Messrs CALMELS, CHABRERIE and PECH as a « spin-off » from a department of BENDIX in Toulouse. The founders’ families are still majority shareholders. One of the first products to be marketed by this company was an electronic diagnostics tool - the first of its kind.

The merger with Alcyon (a Toulouse-based Electronics Manufacturing Services company), the purchase of Sodielec (a company specialised in satellite telecommunications), the deployment of subsidiaries in 16 countries and, lastly, the takeover by MORS through reverse merger, built up the ACTIA Group’s identity between 1992 and 2000.

The ACTIA Group now consists of 22 locations in 16 countries and this international dimension is an integral part of the firm’s identity, as is the Group’s pioneering spirit and industrial culture. Innovation, Internationalism and Industry form the basis of ACTIA, a foundation that guarantees the quality of ACTIA solutions. The Group's activities are organised around two divisions: the Automotive division and the Telecom division.




ACTIA Group key dates

  • 2008 : Actielec Technologies becomes ACTIA Group. 
  • 2000 : Actielec and Mors merge and give birth to the ACTIELEC Technologies Group . The new group is quoted at the Paris stock exchange.
  • 1989 : The Group branches out into the telecom activity and acquires the Sodielec company, and becomes Actielec Group in 1992.
  • 1988 : ACTIA acquires ALCYON, its production unit. For its part, Allied Signal is taken over by Siemens.
  • 1986 : Bendix Electronics is taken over by Allied Signal, which sales the "Special products" department. This department becomes the ACTIA company.
  • 1985 : Renault sells the whole part of its Renix shares to Bendix Electronics.
  • 1978 : Creation of Renix, shared subsidiary of Renault (51%) and Bendix (49%), in which will be created, in 1980, the "Special products" department.
  • 1851 : Birth of Maison Mirand, creation of Mors company.

History of Creations or Acquisitions

  • 1989 : MEIGA becomes ACTIA Muller in 2003 after the acquisition of Muller Bem (ACTIA Muller is integrated into its parent company ACTIA Automotive in 2015 by merger takeover).
  • 1990 : AIXIA now ACTIA 3E - France.
  • 1991 : TEKHNE becomes ACTIA Muller UK - United Kingdom.
  • 1992 : VIDEO BUS now ACTIA Systems - Spain.
  • 1992 : ATAL now ACTIA CZ - Czech Republic.
  • 1993 : ACVIBUS now ACTIA de Mexico - Mexico).
  • 1993 : I+Me now ACTIA I+Me - Germany.
  • 1994 : ACTIA INC (U.S.A.).
  • 1994 : DATENO S.A. (France).
  • 1996 : ATON Systèmes now ACTIA PCs - France.
  • 1997 : ACTIA Do Brasil - Brazil and CIPI, now CIPI ACTIA - Tunisia.
  • 2000 : ACTIA Italia (Italy).
  • 2000 : Advanced Technology Inc. (becomes ACTIA Corp. - U.S.A.).
  • 2000 : ACTIA Nl (Netherlands).
  • 2000 : merger of ACTIELEC S.A. and MORS S.A. (Listed company) to create ACTIELEC technologies.
  • 2001 : ACTIA Polska (Poland) and EBIM S.A. (France).
  • 2002 : ACTIA India - India.
  • 2003 : ACTIA Shanghai - China.
  • 2004 : NIRA Components A.B. now ACTIA Nordic - Sweden.
  • 2005 : ARDIA - Tunisia.
  • 2008 : ACTIA Tunisia.
  • 2008 : ACTIELEC technologies changes corporate name to become ACTIA group.

ACTIA Group leaflet [PDF version]

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